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Публичная оферта

You can download the public offer (in rtf format) or read it on our site:

You can download the public offer (in rtf format) or read it on our site:

E-shop of the Russian Biathlon Union merchandize located on domain name of, OOO “Tipographia Interstamp” represented by the director Malysheva Maria Evgenyevna, acting by virtue of the powers vested in her by operation of law, on the other hand, hereinafter referred to as “Seller” publishes the public offer on the distance selling of Products.


Client is a sui juris person placing Orders on the site or a person indicated as Products receiver or a person using Products purchased through the exclusively for personal, family, home or other purposes not connected with business activities.

Seller is the OOO “Tipographia Interstamp” E-shop is an online shop owned by the Seller and located in the server of Moscow with the Internet address of

In the E-shop there are Products offered by the Seller to its Clients to place orders as well as payment and delivery terms for these Orders.

Website is

Products are objects of material world that are not removed from removed from the stream of commerce and offered to be sold on the website.

Order is a request of a Client in due form of delivery to the indicated address of a list of Products chosen on the website. Order may be filed either for retail purchase and sale agreement purpose or for exchange or replacement of Products under the previously entered agreement as statutorily required by the Russian Federation law.

Client’s user account is a personal account of the Client in the E-shop where funds are transferred to in case of cancellation of the previously paid Order or Products, gift certificate activation as well as in other similar cases. These funds must be used as a prepay by the Client for future Orders to the Seller or as a refund to the Client according to clause 6.3. of the Terms.

Order or Product cancellation is a technical act of the Seller not implied as a refusal of the Seller to fulfill the agreement that is done on the Website and states the fact that some Products that are part of the Order (Product cancellation) or all Products that are part of the Order (Order cancellation) were not delivered to the Client by the current Order. The Seller must notify registered Clients of all cases of cancellation – including cases of refusal of the Products on Client’s side – by sending a E-mail informing of the cancellation to the E-mail address indicated by the Client when registering (or by a message in “My messages” section).

Delivery service is a third party that performs delivery services of Orders to the Clients under the agreement with the Seller.

External site is a website in the Internet the link to which is located at


2.1. The Order from the Buyer of the Products placed on the website of the E-shop means that the Buyer agrees to all terms and conditions of this Offer.

2.2. The website E-shop administration has the right to amend the Offer without notice.

2.3. The Offer validity is unlimited if otherwise is stated on the E-shop website.

2.4. The Seller provides full and exact information to the Buyer about the Products including information about main consumer properties of the Products, place of manufacture as well as information of the warranty period and expiry date of the Goods on the E-shop website.


3.1. The price for every Product position is indicated on the E-shop website.

3.2. The Seller has the right to amend prices for every Product position in one's sole discretion.

3.3. In case the price of the already ordered Product was amended the Seller is obliged to inform the Buyer about change in price of the Product within 3 working days.

3.4. The Buyer has the right to either confirm or cancel the Order for Product purchase if the price was changed by the Seller after the Order was generated.

3.5. The change of price by the Seller for the paid Product by the Buyer is not allowed.

3.6. The Seller explains the delivery cost of the Product on the E-shop website or tells it to the Buyer if the Buyer places the Order with the help of the Operator.

3.7. Duties of the Buyer to pay for the Product are considered to be fulfilled from the moment the payment is received by the Seller.

3.8. All settlements between the Seller and the Buyer are effected via methods indicated on the E-shop website in the ‘Payment’ section.


4.1. The Ordering is done by the Buyer through the Operator via phone calling to +7 (495) 008-63-84 or through the website service on

4.2. When registering on the E-shop website the Buyer agrees to provide the following information:

4.2.1. Full name of the Buyer or the indicated receiver;

4.2.2.  Delivery address of the Products (if delivery is to the Buyer address);

4.2.3. E-mail address;

4.2.4. Contact telephone number.

4.3. Title, number, range, article and price of the Product chosen by the Buyer is indicated in the Buyer’s cart on the E-shop website.

4.4. If the Seller need additional information the Seller has the right to request it from the Buyer. In case the Buyer does not give necessary information the Seller shall not be liable for the Product chosen by the Buyer.

4.5. When placing an Order through Operator (c.4.1 of this Offer) the Buyer agrees to give information indicated in c.4.2 of this Offer.

4.6. The Buyer automatically agrees to accept the terms of this Offer when and if he or she fills relevant data into the registration form on the E-shop website or when placing an Order through Operator. After placing the Order through Operator the Buyer’s data are registered in database of the Seller. After confirming the Order of the chosen Product the Buyer provides Operator with necessary information according to the procedure indicated in c. 4.2 of this Offer.

4.7. The Seller is not liable for the content and reliability of the information provided by the Buyer when placing an Order.

4.8. The Buyer is liable for reliability of the provided information when placing an Order.

4.9. The distance purchase and sale agreement between the Seller and the Buyer is considered entered from the moment when the Seller gives the Buyer a cashier's or sales check or any other document confirming the payment of the Product by the Buyer.


5.1. The Seller provides to the Buyer delivery services to deliver Products by one of the methods indicated on the E-shop website.

5.2. If the distance purchase and sale agreement (hereinafter – Agreement) is entered with a provision of delivery the Product to the Buyer then the Seller is obliged to deliver the Product to the place indicated by the Buyer in due time and if the delivery place was not indicated by the Buyer then – to the place of residence or registration of the Buyer.

5.3. The Buyer indicates place of delivery when placing an Order to buy the Product.

5.4. The delivery time for the Product consists of the handling time and the actual delivery time.

5.5. The delivered Product is passed to the Buyer and if the Buyer is absent – to any person who can present a check or any other document confirming the entering to the Agreement or Product delivery filing.

5.6. All information about the Product is brought to the notice of the Buyer in technical documents attached to the Product, on labels, by marking or any other way accepted for selective number of products.

5.7. Information on the obligatory confirmation of compliance for the Product is given in the order and by means that are established by legislation of the Russian Federation on technical regulation, and includes information on the document number confirming this compliance, its period of validity and organization that issued the document.


The “Tipographia Interstamp” limited liability company

115598, г. Moscow,
Zagoryevskaya street, 10, building 4
INN 7724835014
KPP 772401001
OGRN 1127746407414
a/c 40702810900000016436
c/a 30101810200000000700
BIC 044525700

Director General              Malysheva M.E.

Please carefully read the text of the Public Offer and you do not agree with any clause of the Offer you have the right to refuse buying Products offered by the Seller and not to perform acts stated in c.2.1 of this Offer.

I agree

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